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The advantages of Best-Life Biotechnology company include rich natural ingredients and a unique technology to obtain cold collagen, thanks to which the structure of the fibre remains in the form of a triple helix that most resembles the structure of human protein.

The development of know-how enabled us to introduce an exclusive line of cosmetics designed as anti-aging treatment for the skin.

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Baltic Collagen®

Is a natural and top class collagen product obtained from the skins of noble fish species feeding in natural water reservoirs – and is produced based on modification of a technology consistent with patent no. 144584 which takes into account new possibilities of modern biochemistry and cosmetology. The unique technology is based on a controlled process and hydration of fish skin collagen with organic amino acids (formed to a water solution) while maintaining biologically active triple structure of collagen at the same time, the so-called triple helix, which takes the form of natural gel with valuable cosmetic properties.

The obtained collagen with the “triple helix” structure, the so-called tropocollagen in a polypeptide chain, preserves the sequence of amino acids (including among others glycine, proline, alanine, hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine) that is a twin-lookalike of human tropocollagen in the so-called extracellular matrix. This means that when you apply Baltic Collagen product that preserves the triple helix structure – it reaches a barrier of five epidermis layers and then breaks down into short peptides, the same as the ones in human collagen (glycine, proline, alanine, hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine). In this way, the extracellular area enriched with the above-mentioned ingredients increases production of structural collagen.

These types of forced body action mechanisms prevent aging processes, of the skin becoming matt, dried out and wrinkled, the nails becoming matt, brittle and thin hair, cellulite, fragile blood vessels, weakening of retina nerve endings, degeneration of joints, etc.).

Baltic Collagen® is a reliable product that perfectly fulfils the role of the so-called “first aid kit” in anti-aging processes of the body. Not only does it replenish the inborn collagen with “external” deliveries – above all, it stimulates cells to produce their own collagen.

Strict requirements set for the research carried out in line with the highest applicable standards guarantee Baltic Collagen cosmetics to foster spectacular clinical effects.

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Own Technological Department

- perfecting the product

Our own technology department develops and perfects products on the go. As a result of research works conducted, we have achieved natural products of very high hydroxyproline content, which in turn enabled to obtain active collagen that has a two-phase effect at both the epidermis and dermis levels.

Active collagen, which is at the same time an equivalent of natural skin building material, allows for reconstruction of collagen fibres from inside.


COLLDERMITIS - już w sprzedaży!

Unikalna, opatentowana formuła medcream.

Colldermitis - skuteczna maść do terapii łuszczycy i egzemy.

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Naturalne kosmetyki  Baltic Collagen®
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