Colldermitis Baltic Collagen® - Medical cream formula / ointment

To be used in therapy of psoriasis and eczema.

Colldermitis - Medical cream formula - 100ml

This is an unique patented (PL.409095) composition, which directly eliminates cause of psoriasis and eczema, restores normal condition of the skin.

It is 100% natural.
It brings spectacular clinical effect after application on lesions.

Fish collagen in form of gel is well-absorbable. After penetration into the skin, it creates a protein network, which constitutes support for new collagen produced by fibroblasts. This network binds water and lipophilic substances, which leads to regeneration of the structure of the skin collagen, and furthermore, it constitutes protection against drying. Collagen obtained from fish maintains tridimensional spiral structure of so-called triple helix, and it remains living and biologically active protein.

The only collagen of fish origin is able to penetrate into the human skin and start building into the tissues without losing triple helix structure.

Jojoba oil is natural unsaturated fatty acid, which reveals properties of regeneration and ability of self-oiling, softening, moisturizing, and soothing the skin. This oil contains cetyl palmitate, squalene, higher alcohols, fatty acids, phytosterols, as well as vitamin E and F. It is classified as nonpolar emollient, which effectively lowers transepidermal water loss resulting in increased elasticity and shallow surface.

Derivative of cetyl, beneficial eucerin, is natural high molecular weight alcohol activating natural metabolism, and as a strong emulgent combines action of aforementioned components of the formula, which additionally reveals synergistic effect to strengthen action of other components.

Mixture of three components, i.e., fish collagen in form of gel, jojoba oil and cetyl derivatives, especially eucerin, used in psoriasis and eczema, acts in special manner in order to slow down skin metabolism, and to ensure protection by strengthening and restoring natural structure of the dermis. Moreover, it eliminates pruritus, maintains moisture of the skin and protects against drying.


  • natural moisturizing and oiling factor;
  • prolongation of asymptomatic period and restoration of normal skin condition;
  • elimination of scales;
  • smoothing effect on the skin;
  • relief of pruritus;
  • improvement of skin elasticity and firmness;
  • strengthening the skin protective barrier.

In addition, it is useful in:

  • atopic dermatitis;
  • prevention against abnormal scar forming;
  • skin with cuperosis and spider veins.

Instructions for use:

  • In acute conditions, apply thin layer on skin lesions (twice daily)
  • In chronic conditions, use on evenings (once daily) 


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